Parent Education Programme

The Parent Education Programme is a new addition to the 2017 School Games in order to build upon the previous success of the YST’s Performance Parent workshops. The programme sets out to educate and inform parents of young athletes to understand the wider experience and challenges of competing at the highest level and how best to support them.

Through the Parent Education Programme, the Games aims to support parents of athletes to:

• Be equipped with the knowledge and skills to best support their child to achieve their future sporting potential
Understand where to go for the right support and have access to a suit of workshops aimed to educate.

Workshops & Activities

Parents will have the opportunity to access a variety of workshops to complement their spectatorship at the Games.

Performance Parent – Youth Sport Trust

Performance Parent is a workshop aimed specifically at parents of talented young athletes. There is no magic formula on how best to support and nurture your child and their talent, but this workshop gives ideas and suggestions that may help and reassure you as parents of talented young people that they are on the right track. Containing guidance and suggestions from experts in elite sport, including Loughborough University, and extensive research in sport parenting, support services and most importantly, firsthand advice from parents of talented young athletes.

1st September 2.00pm –

1st September 8.00pm –

2nd September 2.00pm –

2nd September 8.00pm –

Help protect clean sport – UKAD

Parent’s will have the opportunity to hear about the work of UK Anti-Doping, their role at the Games and how best they can support their child to understand the risks associated to and navigate doping in sport.

Friday 1st September 12.00pm –

Friday 1st September 6.00pm –

Saturday 2nd September 10.00am –

Saturday 2nd September 4.00pm –

The Life of a Student Athlete – Loughborough University

Key practioners and support staff from Loughborough University deliver a workshop that introduces a day in the life of a student-athlete and how they best support them, followed by a Q&A regarding studying at university.

Friday 1st September 10.00am –

Friday 1st September 4.00pm –

Saturday 2nd September 12.00pm –

Saturday 2nd September 6.00pm –